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Free 10 Best WordPress Plugins for 2019

Plugins are essential for every WordPress website to extends its functionality. There are more than 50 thousand plugins on WordPress, but only a few plugins are enough for smoothly running your blog. So, here I am listing the best WordPress plugins which I am using for my blog and you can also consider.

Yoast SEO – This is a Search Engine Optimization plugin. Yoast SEO helps you to write the awesome post for the user that also liked by Search Engine. This plugin helps you to rank your articles on Google and also on other search engines.

Updraft Plus – Backup/Restore – Backing up your online data is very necessary to avoid accidental loss of your data. Updraft Plus is my best choice to backup my entire blog. Its also has a feature to save my data on Online Drive (Google Drive, One Drive, etc). You can set your backup schedule to automatic. Updraft Plus take care of your backup. You can backup/restore unlimited time.

Jetpack – Jetpack is a plugin by WordPress itself to power the self-hosted blog with features. This plugin has a lot of functionality – from faster loading of pages to analytics of blog traffic.

Elementor – There are lots of Drag & Drop page builder in the market. But, Elementor is the most advanced drag & drop page builder which work with any theme and design. Elementor helps you to build an awesome custom home page or other essential pages in very less time. The home page of this blog is made using Elementor plugin. So, give a try this beautiful plugin.

Really Simple SSL – If you have installed SSL on your blog then this plugin will be a very handy tool for you. Just install and activate this plugin, and your SSL setting is complete. Your blog starts running on SSL (https://) without any further settings.

WP-Optimize – WordPress blogs are using Database to store information. After a time of use, databases are full of unwanted information. This plugin is very helpful to remove all unnecessary information from the database and keep them healthy and fast. You can optimize your database using this plugin to improve your blog performance.

WP File Manager – This plugin is very helpful to access your files on your host within WordPress without login to your host account. Beautifully arranged files are explored using this plugin.

Smush – This plugin is used for reducing the size of images on your blog. Smush compress the image file without losing the quality of the image. This leads to faster loading of image and improvement of SEO.

Simple Google reCaptcha – Spam is one of the major problems of blogger. To protect your blog from spam and attacks just install this plugin. This plugin will secure your login as well as comment form with google reCaptcha and you can focus more on your contents and visitors.

Cloudflare – Complete and free performance solution for your blog. This plugin has a lot of features to boost your blog performance and also protect from hackers. To use Cloudflare plugin, you must link your domain and host with Cloudflare account which is very easy.

Conclusion – So, I have shared my best 10 WordPress plugins that are essential for every blogger. I am also using these plugins on my blog. If I have missed something or you think something has to be in this list, please leave in a comment. That help other bloggers.

Please share with your friends and ask them to start blogging. It is amazing.

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