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How much you can earn through Blogging?

Earning money from Blogging is not difficult. Many bloggers earn $1,00,000 (yes, its one lakh dollars) per month. But also… many bloggers hardly earn even $1 per month. In this article, I going to explain why some bloggers earn a huge amount of money while some not able to make more than $0 per month.

The goal of every blogger is to monetize own blog. Everyone wants to earn through their blog. And there is nothing wrong to consider earning as your priority.

Earning through blogging require only Hard Work… NO. If you want to earn money then you have to do smart work. Smart work with hard work. Why smart? because you have to know what type of things work or what not, what your audience or visitor wants to read.

Love Your Customer, Customer will love you.

Please keep one thing forever in mind – Love your Customer, Customer will love you. Provide them what they want and you will get want you to want and of course its “money”.

Let’s take an example, there are two bloggers X and Y. X has only 100 visitors per day but Y has more than 1000 visitor per day. Suppose they are selling something using affiliate marketing. Blogger X has a better connection with their 100 visitors. He always tries to solve their problems through articles. He always discusses with there visitor. While Blogger Y is completely opposite of Blogger X. Blogger X is earning lots more than Blogger Y even he has 100 of visitor because visitor of Blogger X has trust in him. Blogger X can easily turn their 100 visitors into customers. While Blogger Y failed to earn. Blogger Y only focused on Quantity, not Quality.

So, add quality to your blog. Add something that visitor want to visit again and again. Add something that visitor get converted into your customer.

Your earning through Blogging depends upon how much you are connected with your audience. How much audience likes you? How much audience has trust on you? Building a connection with audience not only increase your earning but also it helps you in increase your blog traffic.

In the upcoming days, I am going to write various articles on what to do so that visitors or the audience like you. So, keep visiting my blog and don’t forget to share with your friends. Also please comment. I love to read them.

Be happy. Be motivated. Enjoy Blogging.

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