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PayManager – Rajasthan Employees Salary Slip –

PayManager is a website for employees of all Rajasthan government department to get their pay slip. It provides a common and integrated platform for preparing the salary bills of employees. Software not only prepares the bill but also provides information of DA dues, bonuses, dues.

How to get salary slip from paymanager –

To get salary slip, go to – website and login.

Pay Manager is the website of Finance Department of Rajasthan to make salary for all state employees and any personnel can view and download their salary slip, annual salary statement (GA55)!

There are two websites: and


(User Name Your Employee ID and Password will be your date of birth, (eg your date of birth is 15/03/1980, then your password will be 15031980) After that enter the 5 digit code and click on Employee and login, change password, with new password Get your information by login again, the password will be changed for the first time)

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